About Us

We have been running our family business for over 15 years now. Constantly developing in every way to suit our clients. GTR Trailers are now one of the largest fleets in Ireland. Whatever your needs, we have the right trailer for you. All our trucks come with DOE and a comprehensive 12 week maintenance service. In case of any assistance needed, we also provide 24 hour breakdown cover. Now that we have integrated with Blue Tree System. Our service provides GPS monitoring and in cab communication. We can ensure you always know where your goods are.

Why Choose us?

Based in Dublin, GTR Trailers Ireland is the leading brand for renting trailers throughout Ireland and across Europe. With over 15 years of experience in logistics and a wide range of trailers. We can be confident in what we do. Providing our customers a quality service every time. We are a family run business and we saw a need to extend our service. Now, our business model provides a wide range of trailers such as, Euroliner and Dry-Liner Box Vans. Single and Twin Evap fridge trailers. As well as Curtain Siders and meat trailers. With our wide range of vehicles and a quality service. Our clients can be confident in what we do. With our fresh approach, we pride ourselves in giving outstanding service and all within budget. We are constantly updating our vehicles. We ensure a reliable service every time. Offering a variety of trailers for delivery of all types of goods and produce throughout Ireland and Europe. All our trailers come with DOE and a comprehensive 12 week maintenance. In case of any assistance we also provide 24 hour breakdown cover. Our breakdown support is tailored to each customer’s needs.

Our Service

The GTR Trailer service is unique in quality of service. Our company ethos is providing a great service, within budget. We have a very strong clientele that we adhere to on an ongoing basis. We constantly grow as does our service. With a variety of trucks and trailers. We are constantly upgrading our fleet, to ensure we stay ahead of the market. That is why our service is the perfect solution for all your transport needs. We work closely with our clients. Our company has developed into what it is today, because of our clients input. We know that every customers needs may differ in requirements. Offering a huge range of vehicles from the best manufacturers across Ireland and Europe.

Our Fleet

We use the best and most up to date trailers and trucks across Europe. Our Curtain Sliders and Euroliners we have, come from top names such as, Krone and Schmitz Cargobull. The fridge trailers include, straight box and dual evaporator floor loaders supplied by Gray and Adams, Schmitz Cargobull and Chereau. As well as our meat railers. Are you looking for euro rails, beam rails or furgocar rails from the top suppliers? Well we have them.  Our extensive fleet is guaranteed to solve your problem. We pride ourselves on a background of quality trucks and giving clients the service they need. Servicing for all their cargo transport. It is vital to maintain and improve on vehicles periodically. By constantly maintaining and improving our fleet, we strive to make sure that any transport issues are quickly dealt with. With continual services allocated to our vehicles, we are able to prevent any such issues occuring. Now that we are using Blue Tree Systems for all our trailers. We can also ensure that our clients are given the most safe and value for money service going.

Our Clients