Blue Tree Integration

Blue Tree Systems are the leading telematics company operating today. For every aspect of transport management they have a technology solution. Their user friendly systems allow fleet managers to seamlessly integrate all their trucks. Whether refrigerated or dry Blue Tree give us the ability for real time data integration. This is what we give to you, our customers. Improved compliance, reduced fuel costs, enhanced road safety all this leads to your cargo being as protected as possible.


  • Scheduling

    Scheduling is now a breeze. Thanks to Blue Tree’s tachograph management systems trucks give live and scheduled status information. Providing location and status information every 10 minutes/12 hours. Users can view current trailer location in map or birds eye view. This makes it easy to calculate data like how long drivers rest for, extended driving days and compensation. Also with remote downloading, driver infringement letters and driver compliance scoring.

  • Vehicle Tracking

    Never lose track of where any of your trucks are ever again. Through advanced mapping systems we can know give live information on vehicle location, fuel level, how many hours your driver has remaining and more with a single click. The advanced bread crumb GPS tracking gives more historic mapping information. This helps create advanced fleet management solutions due to the ease with which information can be compiled.

  • Driver Performance

    The new Driver Performance App helps with overall performance and training. You can reduce fuel costs by up to 20% but also do so much more. On board scoring across three categories helps in all aspects. The coaching is driver friendly. The colour based system is easy to use. Also all advice given can be customised by the fleet manager is needed. It also helps in protecting your drivers. Any driver challenge can be quickly sorted out. By having all details so carefully tracked you can backup everything with numbers and facts. This will lead to quicker acceptance by your drivers.

  • Fuel Management

    Fuel management is another helpful resource,with the Fuel Auditor. This is an automated scoring system that tracks all fuel used. Mobile communication with all trucks help coach drivers to use less fuel. They are given feedback in certain areas. These include things like excessive idling, harsh braking, over-speeding, harsh acceleration and deceleration, driving without the use of cruise control, over-revving and more.